Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching

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I’m guessing you are exploring your career coaching options and are dropping by to see what I’m all about.

Perhaps you’re wanting to develop your personal brand as a leader. Maybe you want to address confidence issues or remove blockers that are stopping you from finding a career you love. 

Well you’ve come to the right place.

WHO I am

I’m a Communication and Behaviour change specialist,  and I help leaders reach their potential by designing a fulfilling career that is aligned to their values. 

Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching

My background

Before founding my career coaching practice, I was a business owner and corporate executive. I set up and led global teams, and advised senior leaders on how to optimise their business, develop their leadership style and change their company’s culture so that their employees could thrive.

I grew up in a real entrepreneurial environment learning from my father who founded one of Egypt’s most successful production businesses at the time. From a young age, and all through university, I was immersed in the challenges of running a business and leading a team of 100 employees.

Needless to say it was a baptism of fire. Those early years shaped me into the woman I am today. I learnt the real meaning of compassionate leadership, and how coaching was critical to the development of my people and my company.

After selling the family business, I moved into the UK corporate world. There I carved a long and successful career as a senior executive in different sectors including Financial, Legal and Professional Services (Magic Circle and The Big 4).

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some brilliant minds and lead great people. I’ve coached multiple senior executives in different industries, and helped them develop their careers and their leadership style to better serve their people.

why i started my career coaching practice

As a business woman and a corporate leader, I saw first-hand the barriers many of us (and women in particular) face in the corporate world. I have also seen the significant gap in leadership skills in many industries, and the affects this can have on employee wellbeing and the company culture. 

Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching

Just like you, I also navigated politics at every turn throughout my career and dealt with every career barrier you can think of. Whether it’s building credibility, integrating into new teams, setting up new functions, or leading difficult people. I’ve had to find a way of doing this while being authentic to myself and staying aligned to my own values. Luckily, I had some amazing mentors that taught me what it takes to be a fantastic leader. 

I realised on my journey the potential that we can each unleash when we live a life aligned to our values. 

What will it take to get us back into the office? Suzy Sallam Coaching

Like many, 2020 was a difficult year and a turning point for me. In the context of careers, I saw the impact remote working was having on all of us as our levels of burnout and social isolation increased. 

I also saw many professional reassess their career choices, whether out of personal choice, or because they were forced to do so.  

I myself reassessed my own purpose in life, as I sat in my little home office watching the days go by. I knew in my heart I had an unwavering commitment to free untapped potential in people so that they can help make the world a better place.

Despite being in the fortunate position working for PwC and being able to influence my own organisation, I knew staying where I was, wasn’t going to make enough of an impact on the lives of women and leaders struggling to cut through.

So I decided to take what I learnt in my own career and, rather than work for another organisation, work with leaders 1 on 1. 

Throughout my career I have held true to one purpose; help move people emotionally and mentally so they can overcome any limiting beliefs, feel confident in themselves and realise their greatest potential.
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Suzy Sallam
Career Coach

what i do now

I founded my coaching practice in 2020 to focus my time and energy on living my purpose.  It wasn’t an easy decision to leave the security of the corporate world, but I believe that change is healthy.

I am now sharing my experiences and all that I have learnt about culture change, communications and leadership, to help professionals like you design a motivating career vision, land their next role, and thoroughly enjoy their career journey.

So, whether you are contemplating a career shift, or taking your next step into a more senior role, I’d love to help you explore what career coaching can do for you.

Contact me today for a chat. Together we will take your career to the next level!

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Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
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Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
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