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Creating Your Career Development Plans In Light Of Covid-19

There is no doubt we are in challenging times, with COVID-19 putting pressure on the job market and many now forced to consider a career change. So what better time than now to reassess your career goals, decide on your priorities and think where you wish to be in the future.

The first step to getting where you want to be is pinning down what you want, and then start laying down the best way to get there. Creating a career development plan is a great way to do just that, giving yourself goals and articulating what direction your wish your life to take.

Many people struggle with the question, ‘Where do you wish to be in five years’ time?’ and this can create feelings of anxiety. But trust me, without a clear career plan, many of us feel stuck in a rut, like we are coasting with no clear direction and can’t see an end in sight.

Do you need expert help with career planning and development?

As a professionally accredited career coach and leadership consultant , Suzy Sallam regularly helps professionals set clear and meaningful career goals, develop a motivating career vision for themselves and create career development plans that can help them find their fulfilling career.

“My ultimate goal is to empower you so that you can make informed decisions about you career direction. I always start right where you are now, identify your career purpose, the areas of your career that need adjustments and clarify your current impact as a leader. We will then work together on your career vision and your personal brand so that you can thrive in a new career.”

If you’re struggling with certain roadblocks, or feeling anxious about your career move, I can help you create a plan to address this. We will do this together by discovering your underlying values and your purpose, uncover any issues that may be impacting your confidence or that may be holding you back. You’ll then have a better understanding about the areas you could improve to really unleash your potential.” – Suzy Sallam

In addition to career coaching, Suzy can help with a wide range of aspects relating to your job search including improving your CV or linkedin profile and preparing for virtual interviews.

If you need to create a career development plan, why not find out more about Suzy Sallam today.

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