Acing your virtual interview

Acing your virtual interview book - suzy sallam coaching

Do you have a virtual interview coming soon? Then check out my new book for all the tips to help you ace your interview.

As the virtual world is now our new norm, and more of us are working from home using virtual channels for our meetings, I’m starting to see more and more companies conducting interviews virtually.

Making a good impression virtually can be a little difficult but it is not impossible. 

As I say to my clients, it takes time and effort to prepare before the virtual interview starts. You’ll also need to pay extra attention to some details during the virtual interview that you may not have thought about in face to face interviews.

This book forms part of the career development selection and includes all my tips to help you ace your next interview.

Top tips to prepare for your virtual interview

How to leave a lasting positive impression during the interview

Tactics to do after an interview to nudge the d interviewers

Worksheet to help you develop your actionable next steps

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