Getting feedback and insight on yourself

Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching

While you are building your inventory of strengths and weaknesses, it’s critical to explore how do other people see you.

After all, perception is reality!

This workbook includes the framework to help you gain feedback from others on yourself. It also includes a template email you can share with different stakeholders to make the whole process pain free. 

Remember, the aim here is not to beat yourself up if you get any negative feedback. It is just to establish your blind spots – your hidden talents or shortcomings that you’re not aware of – so that you can learn how to manage yourself, your work and your life better.

I know many of us are always anxious about getting feedback because we are afraid of criticism. Just remember, when we get clear on which talents or strengths other people value in us it gives us the chance to showcase these and build on them further. Additionally, by understanding our shortcomings, we have the opportunity to improve ourselves OR improve how other people perceive us.

This exercise will help guide you to ask people around you for their feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.


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