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Personal branding workbook - Suzy Sallam Coaching

In the modern working world, it is no longer enough to rely on an exceptional CV to advance your career. Employers, clients, colleagues and business acquaintances are increasingly turning to online channels to gather information about you, whether you like it or not.

In a way, this means you are now a marketer for your very own brand; brand YOU. How you manage your personal brand can make (or break) your career success in today’s competitive talent market.

As a career coach, one of the first things I focus on with my clients is helping them build and communicate a strong personal brand. I do this because I believe that how people perceive you both in person and online is their reality of you. So, if you want to develop and progress your career, it’s critical that you’re sending out the right signals to all your potential employers.

I’ve designed this workbook to help you build and nurture a professional brand that sells the authentic leader you really are. The guide includes three parts:

  • Section 1 – Creating your personal brand
  • Section 2 – Putting your brand to work
  • Section 3 – Nurturing your brand

Each section is packed with actions and suggestions that will guide you to project the best version of yourself online. I’m sure you will find many of these useful. Most importantly, I hope this guide will help motivate you to start working on your brand today.

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