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Interview questions - Suzy Sallam Career Coaching

I see each interview as a conversation with a purpose. It is a two way dialogue where the interviewer and interviewee can find out about each other. It is an opportunity for the interviewer to establish if you will be a good fit for the job and the organisation. It is also an opportunity allowing you to decide whether you like the job, the organisation and the culture. In essence, this is your chance to find out whether you will enjoy working there.

So it is important to show your best self in your interview. You want to appear enthusiastic and well prepared, demonstrating your commitment. While, at the same time, I advise you to balance your preparation so that you don’t stress yourself out, and so that you don’t come across as stiff and scripted. Leave room for your true authentic self to shine through.

Preparation is key, but script writing is discouraged!

With this in mind, this workbook includes a set of questions, all designed to help you think about and develop your stories. Although you won’t get asked all of these questions in your interview, it is a good idea to think about them and have answers ready just in case.

Remember, each interview you have is just an opportunity to connect with another human being. The interview itself maybe a game, but the players could be just as nervous as you. So enjoy the game, and be yourself.

You are a star, and that’s why you have been invited to shine in an interview!

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