LinkedIn Optimisation Workbook Bundle

LinkedIn Optomisation workbooks

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most important platforms for any professional looking to establish their brand or find a new job. Yet, many profiles online are currently doing a disservice to their owners and hindering their ability to attract the right headhunters.

Don’t let that be you!

Developing your professional brand on LinkedIn requires time and concentrated effort, but it’s easier than you think.  The two workbooks in this bundle will help you craft a compelling story and optimise your profile so that you get the algorithms working for you rather than against you.

With this bundle you will get two workbooks:

  1. Writing a brilliant ‘About’ section – This section is the foundation of how potential employers will perceive your personal brand. It determines the your core ‘unique selling points (USP)’ as a specialist in your area, while also sharing your beliefs, values, and the kind of employee you are. So it’s important the real YOU shines through. This workbook includes a set of critical questions to help you craft your story and perfect your positioning.
  2. Optimising your LinkedIn profile – Your profile is essentially a shop window of your brand. It can also be regarded as your website that shares your professional expertise with the world. Most LinkedIn users have their work history and qualifications sections updated, but would you like to know about all the new profile sections and features that can really optimise your profile?

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