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Inspire them. Don’t tell them

Providing your team with direction and clear instruction is a defining feature of any leader. Ultimately, when we want something done we all want it done well first time round, and most importantly we don’t want to lose our people along the way.

So how do you get the best out of people?


How many times have you had to have yet another meeting or a catch up to talk through that business case or plan.. again? Does it sometimes feel like your team are just not getting it?

So here’s another question for you…Have you ever considered that it could be your instruction that isn’t clear enough for them to get?

The key to a good and effective instruction is being clear, being precise and being brief. It’s a fine balance!

Marketing agencies have this one down to a tee. They know that without clear and precise instructions from their client, they’ll end up wasting time and money and that emotive John Lewis style advert will never materialise.

Not only will it save you time and money, but being clear and precise prevents mistakes and misunderstandings. The clearer you are in your instructions, the less of your time the team will need, the more autonomous they will feel and, as a result, you’ll see the quality of their delivery improve.

Just think of this way, if your ingredients are off then you’re cake is going to flop. It’s your role as a leader to make sure your ingredients help the cooks in the kitchen succeed.


Telling people what to do is one thing, but convincing them to do it is a totally different ball game.  This, ladies and gents, differentiates a leader from a manager.

I’m going to take a page out of Simon Sinek’s bible here and relay the importance of starting with the why!

Inspiring people to know the why in what you are asking, not only builds understanding but helps your team take ownership of how they deliver. This builds a sense of autonomy and empowerment and in turn satisfaction.

A very smart man called Einstein summed it up perfectly “If you can’t explain it simply enough, you don’t understand it well enough”?

Don’t expect your team to read your mind!

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I am a Career and Leadership Coach on a mission to help professionals just like you, experience the confidence and satisfaction that comes from being authentic to yourself and living in a fulfilling career.

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