Your experience matters to me. I therefore do everything I can to make sure you get the most value out of our interactions so that you can achieve your desired goals.

All my work centres on 3 principles and the code of ethics outlined below.

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Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching


Progress Oriented

As your accountability partner, I will help you focus on setting meaningful goals, identify specific behaviours, milestones or steps to help you achieve them.

Objective Feedback

I will share my knowledge and experience with you while providing you with objective perceptions and acknowledgements that are free of judgement.

Challenge assumptions

Thinking about thinking is an important part of our coaching sessions. Through our discussions I will help you find alternative solutions to the problems you face.


Before starting to work with you, I  strive to ensure that you fully understand, the nature and terms and conditions of any coaching, mentoring or supervision contract, including financial, logistical and confidentiality arrangements.  

I will use my professional knowledge and experience to understand your expectations and reach agreement on how I plan to meet them.  

I will ensure that the duration of the contract is appropriate to achieve your goals and will actively work to promote your independence and self-reliance.

I will ensure that the setting in which any coaching, mentoring, supervision or training takes place offers optimal conditions for learning and reflection and therefore a higher likelihood of achievement of the goals set in the contract.

I will always put your interests first while ensuring these interests do not harm the interests of others.

I will accurately and honestly represent my relevant professional qualifications, professional body to which I belong, experience, training, certifications and accreditation that I have achieved to you and all my clients, sponsors and colleagues.   

In communication with any party, I will accurately and honestly represent the value I provide as a coach, mentor or supervisor.

I will ensure that no false or misleading claims are made, or implied, about my professional competence, qualifications or accreditation in any published, promotional material or otherwise.

I will act within applicable law and not in any way encourage, assist or collude with conduct which is dishonest, unlawful, unprofessional or discriminatory.

When working with you, I will maintain the strictest level of confidentiality with all information unless release of information is required by law.

I will have a clear agreement with you about the conditions under which confidentiality will not be maintained (e.g. illegal activity, danger to self or others) and gain agreement to that limit of confidentiality where possible unless the release of information is required by law.

I will keep, store and dispose of appropriate and accurate records of my work, including electronic files and communications, in a manner that ensures confidentiality, security and privacy, and complies with all relevant laws and agreements that exist in the UK regarding data protection and privacy. 

I will set and maintain clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries that govern all physical and virtual interactions with you and all my clients. 

I will not exploit a client or seek to gain any inappropriate financial or non-financial advantage from the relationship.

To avoid any conflict of interest, I will distinguish a professional relationship with a client from other forms of relationships.

I will be aware of the potential for conflicts of interest of either a commercial or personal nature arising through the working relationship and address them quickly and effectively in order to ensure that there is no detriment to you as my client.

I will consider the impact of any client relationships on other client relationships and discuss any potential conflict of interest with those who might be affected.

I will disclose any conflict openly with you and agree to withdraw from the relationship if a conflict arises which cannot be managed effectively.

I will respect a client’s right to terminate an engagement at any point in the process, subject to the provisions of the coaching service agreement.

I will encourage the client to terminate the coaching, mentoring or supervision engagement if it is believed that the client would be better served by another practising member or a different form of professional help.

I understand that my professional responsibilities continue beyond the termination of the professional relationship. These include:

  • Maintenance of agreed confidentiality of all information relating to clients and sponsors
  • Safe and secure maintenance of all related records and data that complies with all relevant UK laws and agreements  regarding data protection and privacy
  • Provision of any follow-up that has been agreed to.

I will avoid knowingly discriminating on any grounds and will seek to enhance my own awareness of possible areas of discrimination.

I will be cognisant of the potential for unconscious bias and seek to ensure that I take a respectful and inclusive approach, which embraces and explores individual difference.

I will challenge in a supportive way any service providers, clients or participants who are perceived to be using discriminatory behaviour.

I will monitor my own spoken, written and non-verbal communication for inadvertent discrimination.

I will engage in developmental activities that are likely to increase my own self- awareness in relation to equality and diversity.

Suzy Sallam career, leadership and interview coaching


As a professional leadership coach, and a senior business consultant, I’ve spent my 15 years career helping senior leaders create a career they love and leave a lasting legacy on their people. I would love to help you and share my experiences with you.

Having been a senior business consultant myself, I understand how confidence has a major role in career fulfilment. I therefore founded my coaching practice to help professionals, just like you, get clarity and confidence so that you can thrive and succeed in your chosen path.

Suzy Sallam

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