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Very happy with my work with Suzy for career coaching. Suzy is not just very knowledgeable on behaviour change, but also provides great support to help work through my own drivers and blockers which I wouldn't have come to the realisation of without her guidance. Overall great career coaching program
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Business Analyst
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Suzy. In just two short 45 minute calls, she was able to help make all of the key aspects of my CV and LinkedIn profile considerably more prominent and eye-catching. As a career and leadership coach, Suzy earns my highest recommendation.
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Afam i-Ezike
Data Scientist
Through my work with Suzy, she has helped me develop my confidence and learn how to market and position my skills and experiences so that I can nail my promotion. Given her experience in my sector, she was able to give me insight that helped me understand how to pitch myself. I find her coaching style amazing, she is very supportive and always dedicated to help me learn and progress as an authentic leader
Mireille Botros - Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Mirielle Botros
Head of Operations
I've worked with Suzy for the past year and have really valued her time. She has helped me realise what I have to give as a leader, and the impact I can have as an agent for change. Throughout the year, I worked on my confidence and my personal brand and glad to say I now have a very clear career plan that I am working towards. I can't thank you enough for all your support and valued insights over the past year
Baljit Badesha - Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Baljit Badesha
S Chief Inspector
Wouldn't have got a new job in the City if it wasn't for Suzy's help so I would definitely recommend Suzy to anyone who needs help on their CV, brushing up on their confidence, or for some insight into the corporate world!
Youseff Seif - Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Youseff Seif
Finance officer
I really appreciate the quality of our weekly conversations and all the resources you’re providing me. Thank you for helping me believe in myself and pushing me to succeed.
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Hannah Ali
Suzy’s ability to change a bland CV into a marketing document that positions my skills and experiences as highly valued commodities that the recruiter needs is astounding. She’s my go to person whenever I am applying for new jobs
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Project Manager
I’ve loved working with Suzy over the eight weeks. She’s helped me figure out what I want to do with my career and has always been flexible to tailor her programmes and her coaching sessions to suit my schedule and goals
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Head of Change
I enjoyed very much working with Suzy. She has been very helpful to better tailor my CV, with the right words and engaging narrative. In a short one-hour conversation she was able to translate my working experience in short, succinct sentences and reflect back my working experience helping me to be more confident about it.
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Melisa Lenero
Innovation Strategy Consultant
I contacted Suzy to revamp my CV and she delivered an eye-catching document that more than met my expectations. Not only did Suzy's wealth of knowledge come across during our conversations, her positivity, insightfulness and great conversational skills made the whole process enjoyable. Anyone looking for a professional advisor to help assess their career to date, clarify their objectives and sharpen the focus of their CV should consider getting in touch with Suzy.
Suzy Sallam career and leadership coaching
Colin Leyden
Apple Genius and project Manager
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